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After reading through a lot of information about the evolution and different forms of concrete poetry, the author came to the conclusion to orientate the project in the “new media, geometric, digital, software driven” form of concrete poetry. Connected with the main topic “hybrid spaces” the project will allow interaction between the physically existing spectator and the digital based presentation. The project will be a screen based, visual, interactive animation. The project will connect the topic “Space” with “Coworking Space” or “Network of people” in a broader way.


Simple geometric elements (black & white triangles, squares or circles) are randomly moving over the screen. When they come close to each other, they connect through a line. This way, a visual decentralized network arise. The objects are also change their size, color, opacity to express their diversity. Changing the size of the objects dynamically also brings the feeling of a third dimension on the screen.

In the middle of the screen, different words, which describe “space” in a broader way, will appear and disappear with an animation. Each word will be styled differently, based on the syntactic meaning of it. This changing text reflects the fact that a space can be different things in different moments. Some if them can be simultaneously, some of them exclude each other by nature (e.g space can be used to connect, but it can also be used to be alone and have a dedicated, private space). The message does not lie in a semantic sense between within the characters, but in a graphic sense between the words. There is a sensual pleasure involved, a release from reading words in favor of enjoying their visual appearance.

In a Coworking Space, both forms are possible and desired. This effect also animates the spectator to observe the installation for a longer time, because he might be curious what words will follow and if there is an ending.

Intentions & messages behind the installation

Space as a requirement of networking & interaction

Physical Space is needed for every aspect of our lives. Without Space, neither movement, nor interaction is possible. Every network needs a space. In this project, the author would like to concentrate on the work aspect. Coworking is a new form of collaborative work. Coworking Spaces (or “Open Spaces”) are providing a shared, open environment and foster interaction between the members inside.

Influencing / Interacting with networks of people

A external force (in this case the interacting spectator) can influence a network (by clicking or moving the mouse). But the overall network will continue to flow autonom in an uncontrolled way. The spectator can not manipulate the whole space at once. He can only impact the area where he or she is currently present (by clicking or moving the mouse). After interacting, the result of his interaction (new objects) will integrate themselves in the rest of the network and the cause of their existence (click by the spectator) can not be controlled any further by the initiator.

Global Trend “Shareconomy”

The animation also reflects different global social and culture trends of our time. Objects, which are close to each other and are similar in any way (in this example the shape) are likely to connect to each other and share resources (symbolized by the connecting line).

Global Trend “Independent Movement”

Due to the expansion of transportation systems, everyone can independently and quickly travel through every available space on this earth.

Global Trend Social Networks

By creating several connections between different individuals (e.g Facebook Profiles) the amount of connections and complexity of the whole systems increases exponential. That is the logic theory behind posts in social networks that are going viral and hit an absurd amount of users in a very short period of time.